Flanigan’s Texas Distillery & Winery is open – with some limitations!!!!

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We need a family reunion.

We Texans are a fierce, proud and hardworking people. Our Irish roots also lend a great deal of gumption to our being proud and hardworking. During the recent “shut-downs” and “stay in place” measures, we have continued to work hard in anticipation of the “coming soon” rollback of these protection measures.
But some of the joy has remained elusive during these difficult times. We dearly miss seeing everyone who cheerfully comes through our doors prepared to relax and hang out and enjoy our spirits and wines. It’s like a huge part of our family has just stopped coming to visit! We know that many of you feel the same way. And we appreciate the numerous calls from all of you that cannot wait to get back to our tasting room to enjoy our fabulous “house made and designed” cocktails, and our famous Texas and Irish style corned beef.
Unfortunately, not all measures have been lifted for wineries and distilleries yet. But as things change, please know that we here at Flanigan’s are watching carefully for the coming time that we can have that big family reunion. In the mean time, we continue to sell our wonderful wines and spirits at our tasting room. On May 1, we will not yet be allowed to sit with you and enjoy a sipper of Texas American Gothic or The Creature or the Amici wine, or any of our fine wines and spirits. But we can catch a glimpse of you and say Hi! And we can sell you any of our spectacular choices for you to enjoy outside of the tasting room. And we of course are happy to make cocktail suggestions for you to enjoy and will even give you some recipes.
And for those of you hoping that Dana will also be giving out her famous pickle recipe —- good luck with that…..you can ask her when you come into the tasting room to pick up your bottles.
As always, please be safe out there and we can’t wait to see you.


The Flanigan’s Team is here to serve you. GET YOUR IRISH ON!