15 Texas Wineries where you can get a Great Meal

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Everybody loves to visit wineries and enjoy the excellent wine during each visit. But what happens around noon or near the end of the day while you are visiting wineries? Answer: you get hungry! So to help that natural tendency to replenish yourself in addition to having food in your stomach while drinking wine, many Texas wineries offer some kind of food to eat, whether it be cheese trays or other snacks.

A number of wineries are putting in wood fired pizza ovens which definitely is great. But when you want something other than a pizza, you want a restaurant with a wider selection of food. Wineries often offer special events including dinners, but on a regular basis, here are Texas wineries where you can get a great meal for lunch and/or dinner.


Central Texas

Flaniganâ€s Distillery & Winery

New winery and distillery Flaniganâ€s has a great selection of sandwiches and every Sunday offers a special Flaniganâ€s Sunday dinner. Photos and more information is on their website.



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