2016 Flanigan’s Roussanne


Flanigan’s 2016 Roussanne is a rich buttery big white wine.  It is great for sipping and enjoying with food.

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Roussanne is a late ripening variety that produces powerful white wines which feature scents of fresh flowers, peaches, herbs, pears, spice, roasted nuts and hints of pepper. Flanigan’s Roussanne is rich with a silky, exotic, oily texture. Roussanne based wines are typically best enjoyed either within the first few years of bottling or after they have been cellared for 15 to 20 years.

Roussanne is food friendly and pairs well with a wide variety of seafood dishes, especially shellfish, cod, lobster, crab as well as pate, roast chicken, pork, veal, cream sauces, spicy flavors, Asian cuisine and a vast array of cheeses.