2013 Flanigan’s Tannat


Tannat varietal can be very complex on the palate.  By it’s very name it is identified as “tannic”, with black fruit flavors, like blackberry and black currant. It can also show chocolate or espresso flavors. It is rich, with lots of structure and complexity, with the added quality of being somewhat savory.

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Tannat wines typically taste of dark red fruit, raspberry and sometimes blueberry is also cited as an outreach flavor type.

Owing to its high tannin levels, Tannat is sometimes touted as having health benefits, although there is little reliable medical sources to support this.  But at Flanigan’s, we hope that does not prevent you from enjoying the entertainment quality of this lovely rich bold tannic wine.

Tannat is associated with the Madiran region of France, but may actually have arisen in the Basque country just the other side of the Pyrenees Mountains from Madiran.